A Rat in a Stripy Sock

A Rat in a Stripy SockA Rat in a Stripy Sock
By Frances Watts / David Francis

ISBN: 9780733326615
On Sale: 1/08/2010
Format: Hardback
Trimsize: 223 x 280 x 9 mm
Pages: 24


A rain-swept day…

A heart-lifting flash of colour!

A story about the joy to be had in life′s simplest pleasures

-especially when they are shared-

and finding happiness in the most unexpected places.

A book for all ages.

′This is the kind of book that young children can pore and ponder over; the illustrations are simple but vibrant, complementing the text but leaving plenty of detail to ensure the reader will linger over each spread.′ Four Stars, Australian Bookseller & Publisher

′…this picture book is a little gem as the rat imagines the difference his stripy sock will make. The illustrations perfectly capture the emotion of the book. The rat′s facial expressions are priceless and he is so cute. The text is ′heart-lifting,′ to quote a word from the book. It′s a book to make you smile and maybe it′s also saying something a lot of us need to hear about what is important in life.

′This gentle book is sure to become a favourite with children and their parents. It would make a good story for before bedtime as it′s not only short but leaves positive images in the mind. Especially great for 0- 3 years but will be enjoyed by those older as well.′ Good Reading

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