By Rosie Dub

ISBN: 9780732294144
On Sale: 1/02/2012
Format: Trade paperback
Trimsize: 210 x 137 x 31 mm
Pages: 416

′That one will be the death of her father … mark my words, the death of him.′

So says the prophecy that accompanies Fern′s birth. Her mother, fearing the wrath of the baby′s father, is forced to give Fern up for adoption.

Twenty years later, Fern is haunted by the feeling that something is very wrong. Her family and friends think she is losing her mind, but Fern is convinced that someone is after her.

Seeking to unlock the mystery, Fern takes flight onto the streets of Sydney, where she meets two unlikely allies: Cassie, a woman cursed with the gift of clairvoyance, and Adam, an ex-soldier tormented by his past. As danger looms, Fern and Adam embark on an adventure which takes them far into the labyrinthine depths of the Tasmanian wilderness, where Fern must finally confront her demons.

Interwoven with myth and metaphor, Flight is a compelling and original story; sometimes eerie, sometimes earthy, always spellbinding.

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