By Luke Davies / Inari Kiuru

ISBN: 9780733322686
On Sale: 1/05/2010
Format: Hardback
Trimsize: 335 x 218 x 10 mm
Pages: 32



My father and I.

We went to the edge of the falls for revenge,

To find my attacker the magpie…

Luke Davies′ poem ′Childhood Terror′ describes in 9 lines the fear of a magpie attack and a boy′s reaction as his father helps him face that fear. Together, author and illustrator have created a wonderful picture book that takes this poem and turns into a story of a dog and his pup on a journey to find the magpie. Brilliantly realised, the illustrations bring a whole new level to Davies′ poetry. Tender, funny and courageous.

For ages 5-7

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