Olga The Brolga

Olga The BrolgaOlga The Brolga
By Rod Clement

ISBN: 9780207197581
On Sale: 27/04/2005
Format: Trade paperback
Trimsize: 296 x 220 x 3 mm
Pages: 32



Olga must dance now but who will dance with her?

′I want to dance NOW,

I want to flap, kick and jump!′

′Well, don′t jump on me!′

Said a small brown lump.

Olga the brolga is in a terrible mood. She desperately wants to dance – but no-one will dance with her. Her parents have other things to do; Ellie the crocodile doesn′t feel like jumping around; and Joanna Jacana only wants to sleep. As for Lilly the long-neck, well, she′s a bit grumpy, too!

So Olga decides to dance by herself; and when she does, something absolutely wonderful happens.

Ages 3-7

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