The Courier’s New Bicycle

The Courier's New BicycleThe Courier’s New Bicycle
By Kim Westwood

ISBN: 9780732289881
On Sale: 1/08/2011
Format: Paperback
Trimsize: 196 x 129 x 20 mm
Pages: 336



A beautifully written story of the near future and its murky underworld …

Salisbury Forth is a courier of contraband in the alleyways of inner Melbourne, a city of fuel rationing, rolling power outages and curfews.

It′s a stressful life, post-pandemic. A vaccine dispensed Australia-wide is causing mass infertility, and the government has banned all remedies except prayer.

Vigilantes prowl for transgressors while the pious gather like moths under the streetlights at dusk. Then someone starts trading tainted hormones on the boss′s patch. Salisbury must find whoever is trying to destroy the business before everything goes belly up …

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