The Somethingosaur

The SomethingosaurThe Somethingosaur
By Tony Mitton / Russell Ayto

ISBN: 9780007441266
On Sale: 1/06/2012
Format: Hardback
Trimsize: 271 x 266 x 10 mm
Pages: 32

A unique take on the ′Where′s My Mummy′ scenario in which an egg crackles open and out steps a little creature – the Somethingosaur. He searches for his mum among the dinosaurs but she′s nowhere to be found. But is the Somethingosaur really a dinosaur… or something even more exciting? And will he ever find his family and home?

A warm, funny and jaunty rhyming text ,full of adventure, that′s great to read aloud.

Ages 2-4

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