The Tender Moments of Saffron Silk

The Tender Moments of Saffron SilkThe Tender Moments of Saffron Silk:
The Kingdom of Silk Book #6
By Glenda Millard

ISBN: 9780733329838
On Sale: 1/03/2012
Format: Paperback
Trimsize: 198 x 130 x 8 mm
Pages: 128


Flame-haired Saffron is the youngest of the five Silk sisters. Her family know that she has a talent for becoming Anne of Green Gables or Cleopatra, and that she loves reading myths and legends. But they don′t know about the firebirds that come to warn her of terrible headaches. And Saffron doesn′t know how to tell them.

In a big family, it′s easy to be overlooked. But when Saffron is sent to the city to see a specialist, she learns that her family′s love for her is deeper than she ever imagined. And that when you′re a Silk, miracles are never far from home…

Another heart-warming story in Glenda Millard′s multi-award-winning KINGDOM OF SILK series.

Ages: 7+

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