By Ben Whatley, Bruce Whatley

ISBN: 9780732284824
On Sale: 1/03/2010
Format: Hardback
Trimsize: 293 x 214 x 12 mm
Pages: 32

Zebo and her friends, Hyde and TC, live in Junk Jungle, which is a scrappy kind of place that is filled with things that look like – other things! Zebo likes her friends very much, but she longs for another friend – one who isn′t as big as her best friend Hyde and one who isn′t as small as her other best friend TC. One who is just right. But where can Zebo find such a new friend?

Making new friends can sometimes be hard to do – unless you live in Junk Jungle, which is filled with things that can be turned into other useful things – like a new friend!

Award-winning illustrator Bruce Whatley has created a wonderful picture book that celebrates the joy of friendship and the imaginative fun of recycled art.

Ages: 4+

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