Monkey Baa Theatre Company presents HITLER’S DAUGHTER, based on the novel by Jackie French

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Did Hitler really have a daughter?

Monkey Baa’s award winning Hitler’s Daughter returns to the Sydney stage before embarking on its inaugural international tour of the USA.

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Imagination and storytelling are powerful tools of communication and Monkey Baa Theatre Company’s next production, the stage adaptation of Jackie French’s HITLER’S DAUGHTER, uses these tools to tell a very powerful story.

HITLER’S DAUGHTER is a provocative story that inspires a fresh examination of the ethical issues surrounding the holocaust.

Four country children waiting in the rain for the school bus take turns telling stories. One story about Heidi, a young girl whose father was one of the most dreaded men in history, takes the children to Nazi Germany. As the children become more engrossed in Heidi’s world, one of them, Mark, begins to question the nature of society’s fears and prejudices. This thought-provoking story is appropriate for ages 10+.

This Helpmann Award and Drover Award Winning production is directed by Sandra Eldridge (Goodbye Jamie Boyd, Thursday’s Child, I Am Jack, The Prospectors).

Eldridge says, “the challenge in staging HITLER’S DAUGHTER was creating two very different worlds and bringing the monster – that was Hitler – to life. A lot of German fairytales feature woods and forests, where shadows of monsters dwell. The production mirrors these aesthetic qualities, with trees and shadow lighting. The audience is drawn into the ‘woods’ where metaphorically speaking, we all have to venture in our journey for the truth.”

Jackie French, author of HITLER’S DAUGHTER says, “In the past 6 years, I have received and answered thousands of letters from young people who have felt Monkey Baa’s play moved their hearts and minds, seeking answers to questions they might not have considered before:

How can you tell what is good, and what is evil, when the world around you is insane?

If you are 14, and you see evil, what can you do?

There is one letter I will never forget. It was from a 14-year-old boy with learning difficulties. He saw the play, then read the book. It was the first book he had ever read.

He said ‘What I have learned from Hitler’s Daughter is to be very wary of anyone who tries to make you angry.’ I had never known that was in the book. It needed the magic of Monkey Baa to bring it out.”

From October 19–2 November, theatre audiences will experience the magical storytelling in HITLER’S DAUGHTER by Monkey Baa, before it embarks on a 13–week international tour of North America. The company believe theatre is a powerful medium through which to educate young people, tell great Australian stories and provide young audiences with a challenging and stimulating theatrical experience, invite them to question, to connect and to encourage a greater understanding of the world and their place within it.

The cast includes Kate Worsley (The Splinter),  Nathan Carter  (Wicked), Mikaela Martin and Gideon Cordover (The Bugalugs Bum Thief) who between them, perform 16 characters. The production, designed by Imogen Ross, with lighting by Luiz Pampolha, and sound by Jeremy Silver, allows a smooth transition between the equally absorbing worlds of Nazi Germany and contemporary Australia and takes its audience on a moving and poignant journey, that will stay with them even after they have left the theatre.

Duration is approx 65 minutes and will open on

19 October at the Lend Lease Darling Quarter Theatre

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