WITHERING-BY-SEA is the 2015 Indie Book Awards Children’s & YA winner

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HarperCollins is delighted to tell you that Judith Rossell’s magnificent novel, Withering-by-Sea, was announced as the Children’s & YA category winner at last night’s Indie Book Awards.

High on a cliff above the gloomy coastal town of Withering-by-Sea stands the Hotel Majestic. Inside the walls of the damp, dull hotel, eleven-year-old orphan Stella Montgomery leads a miserable life with her three dreadful Aunts. But one night, Stella sees something she shouldn’t have… something that will set in motion an adventure more terrifying and more wonderful than she could ever have hoped for. From hugely talented Australian writer-illustrator Judith Rossell comes a thrilling and gripping Victorian fantasy adventure, the first in an extraordinarily exciting new series.

The little bottle was corked and sealed with red wax. It was heavier than it looked and as smooth as glass. … (Stella) shook it and heard a whispering noise, as if something were slithering over shingle. … A sinuous shape seemed to move inside the bottle … It was beautiful but it made her skin prickle.”

There is so much action in this book’s 250 pages , you will find your self completely taken over by this Victorian melodrama. We have created some excellent teaching notes  and you will find more on the  author web site.

Booksellers commented on how special the book is as an object, and how much they relished having such a gorgeous package to complement the brilliant story within.

2 thoughts on “WITHERING-BY-SEA is the 2015 Indie Book Awards Children’s & YA winner

  1. Bev Jacobson says:


    This looks as though it would have been wonderful for schools . The publication time renders it difficult for school libraries to buy – they shut up shop between August to February. Question – are you re-listing it?
    Are you sending out samples so that Library Buyers could read it?

    Bev Jacobson
    Library Co-ordinator

    Campion Education (Aust) Pty Ltd

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