National Science Week 2015

National_Science_Week_2015HarperCollinsChildren’s Books &
 Fizzics Education

“You Can Be a Scientist”

19th August 2015
9.30am- 10.30am


Author Nate Ball will greet us through video followed by Fizzics Education who will guide your students in making an electromagnet just like that seen in The Science Unfair. Full details on these easy to find materials will be emailed to you prior to the conference so you have the materials on-hand. Fizzics Education will spend time with your students on how basic circuits work and how electromagnets are used in the real world.

Alien_Pocket_2Participating schools will receive a copy of Alien in My Pocket #2 : The Science Unfair and printed copies of the activities.

Schools will go into the draw to win the complete set of 6 books.


Alien in My Pocket website main page includes videos of his science experiments that go along with the stories.

Alien_Pocket_1 Alien_Pocket_2 Alien_Pocket_3 Alien_Pocket_4















Alien in My Pocket #1: Blast Off! ISBN 9780062216236 rrp $9.99

Alien in My Pocket #2: The Science Unfair ISBN 9780062216250 rrp$9.99

Alien in My Pocket #3: Radio Active ISBN 9780062216274 rrp $9.99

Alien in My Pocket #4: On Impact! ISBN 9780062216298 rrp $9.99

Alien in My Pocket #5: Ohm vs. Amp ISBN 9780062216311 rrp $9.99

Alien in My Pocket #6: Forces of Nature ISBN 9780062216335 rrp $9.99


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