Thicker Than Water

Thicker Than Water by Cal Flyn is a memoir of family,secrets,guilt and history.

IMG_3943IMG_3934IMG_3941British journalist Cal Flyn was holidaying in her childhood home in the Highlands of Scotland, when she stumbled upon a dark family secret. To her horror, she discovered that her great-great-great uncle Angus McMillan, who had been mythologized as a great explorer and pioneer of early Australia, was in fact also the leader of a number of gruesome massacres of indigenous people.

Cal was able to talk to the students about self-reflection about her journals and research she had to undertake to write this book.

“Life writing is a field devoted to the study and creation of narratives which focus on individual lives and lives of others.  Life writers and historians believe that life writing and life history are very important and useful as they provide first hand stories and accounts of individuals and personal insights.”

by Jacqui Barton, Education Manager


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