Hear Judith Rossell talk Cautionary Tales

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Cautionary Tales for Children – Chapter Study
Wormwood Mire by Judith Rossell

Date: Wednesday 16 November

Time: 11:00am – 12pm

Target audience: Years 4-6


Wormwood Mire the sequel to Withering by sea has many cautionary tales throughout, we discuss what cautionary tales are with the students.

Stella was reading the book, A Garden of Lilies, Improving Tales for Young Minds by Prudence A Goodchild which is full of cautionary tales, for example,
Greedy children always tend
to meet with a disastrous end.

What is the structure of the cautionary messages? What might be a modern day cautionary message? Perhaps,
Lazy children often find,
they meet with outcomes most unkind.

Students write their own cautionary message, and then encourages to write the accompanying story

Curriculum Links

Year 4 English
ACELT1602 Literature and Context
ACELT1603 ACELT1604 Responding to Literature
ACELT1605 Examining Literature
ACELT1794 Creating Literature
ACELY1690 ACELY1692 Interpreting, analysing, evaluating

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