Ancient Civilisations, Myths and Legends – Primary

Students learn about Australian society and other societies in the world, both past and present; and how they function socially, culturally, economically and politically. Students examine developments that have resulted in or are bringing about change.




Pharaoh by Jackie French

Set in a time before the pyramids and based on real historical events, Pharaoh will sweep readers along on a fascinating journey through a part of the world we hear so much about today.

ISBN: 9780207200823 RRP $15.95


They Came On Viking Ships by Jackie French 

This page-turning story is set against an historical backdrop and the book is both fascinating and historically informative. The book will also contain detailed black and white line illustrations throughout.

ISBN: 9780207200113 RRP 15.95


Macbeth and Son by Jackie French 

Why did Shakespeare lie about who Macbeth really was? When is it okay to lie and when should you tell the truth?Similarly to Hitler′s Daughter, Macbeth and Son challenges the reader to consider the actions of people, both in the past and present, and from a seemingly simple storyline, Macbeth and Son arrives at the morally complex question of ′What is Truth? And how important is it.

ISBN: 9780207200342 RRP $15.95


King Midas and the Gold by Alex Frith

When good King Midas helps an elderly man find his way home he is granted his fondest wish to turn anything he touches into pure gold. At first, this gift seems like the most wonderful thing to have ever happened but he soon learns that you should be careful what you wish for.

ISBN: 9780746096871 RRP $9.99



The Reluctant Dragon  by Katie Daynes

When a young boy meets a dragon who doesn’t believe in violence he has to defend his new friend from the slash-happy St. George the dragonslayer.

ISBN: 9780746096949 | RRP $9.99 


The Leopard and the Sky God  by Mairi MacKinnon

Leopard loves to bang his drum, but when he refuses to share it with the Sky God, he finds himself in a lot of trouble! Based on a West African folktale.

ISBN: 9780746085363 | RRP $12.99 


The Dragon and the Phoenix  by Lesley Sims

A retelling of a Chinese folktale about a dragon, a phoenix, the Queen of Heaven and a very special pebble…

ISBN: 9780746085424 | RRP $12.99 


The Emperor and the Nightingale  by Rosie Dickins

A classic fable, retold with simple text to delight and inspire any child who is just beginning to read.

ISBN: 9780746078877 | RRP $12.99  


The Fish That Talked  by Rosie Dickins

Based on a traditional Indian tale, the story follows Manu, who one day rescues a tiny talking fish from a stream and gets far more than he bargained for.

ISBN: 9780746085554 | RRP $9.99  


Androcles and the Lion  by Russell Punter

One day Androcles comes across an angry lion. But what’s that? It has a thorn stuck in its paw and Androcles quickly makes a new friend.

ISBN: 9780746096918 | RRP $12.99 


Samurai  by Louie Stowell

The book tells the story of the Samurai, the great warriors of Japan, and how they shaped the country’s history. It reveals the truth behind Samurai training, culture and society, as well as thrilling details of Samurai battles, warlords and leaders, before their decline in the early 19th Century and how their spirit endured in the kamikaze warriors of World War Two.

ISBN: 9780746084144 | RRP $12.99 


Romans  by Anthony Marks, Graham Tingay

A fantastic new edition of the internet-linked reference title of life in Roman times. Includes all sorts of information on Roman people from the food they ate, the clothing they wore, gods they worshiped and more.

ISBN: 9781409509523| RRP $19.99 


The Amazing Adventures of Hercules  by Claudia Zeff

Hercules is set 12 impossible tasks to earn the forgiveness of the Gods, but will he succeed?

ISBN: 9780746080238 | RRP $12.99 


Sinbad The Sailor  by Katie Daynes

Sinbad is the most fearless sailor on the seven seas, facing trolls, giants, whales and wild storms on his adventures. But is his luck about to run out?

ISBN: 9780746080870 | RRP $12.99 


The Amazing Adventures of Ulysses  by Heather Amery

Ulysses faces many challenges on his way home from the Trojan War, including a one-eyed giant, a witch and a many-headed whirlpool monster. Will he survive them all?

ISBN: 9780746080900 | RRP $12.99 


The Story of Pegasus  by Susanna Davidson

A lively re-telling of the Greek myth, in which Pegasus, the flying horse, helps hero Bellerophon to defeat a fire-breathing monster.

ISBN: 9781409522287 | RRP $9.99  


Crusaders  by Rob Lloyde Jones

Lively account of the Crusaders, with exciting descriptions of the main people, places and battles, including the peasant’s crusade and the siege of Jerusalem.

ISBN: 9780746079041 | RRP $9.99 


Pompeii  by Karen Ball

Pompeii – tells the true story of the citizens of Pompeii, Italy, in the last few hours before the eruption of Vesuvius in the year 79, one of the most devastating volcanic explosions in history. It picks up the tale nearly 2,000 years later, with the first key discoveries and breakthroughs made by early archaeologists.

ISBN: 9780746068328 | RRP $12.99 


Gladiator  by Minna Lacey

Gladiators were brutal fighters who risked their lives in one of the deadliest sports of all time. They performed to huge crowds in stadiums across the Roman Empire. Find out how these savage spectacles first began, who took part in them and how men were trained to become fighting machines.

ISBN: 9780746068304 | RRP $9.99 


Tutankhamun  by Gill Harvey

Howard Carter had spent five long years in the hot, dry desert, searching for the tomb of the ancient Egyptian boy-king Tutankhamun. But what he found when he ventured deeper and deeper into the tomb was gold and treasure beyond his wildest dreams.

ISBN: 9780746060179 | RRP $9.99 


Cleopatra  by Katie Daynes

This series brings famous historical figures to life. Lively speech, gentle humour and full- colour illustrations bring the reader closer to the action as the story unfolds.

ISBN: 9780746063255 | RRP $12.99 


Stories From India  by Linda Edwards

Featuring old stories of trickery and cunning, to inspiring stories of the battles and feats of different Hindu gods, this is a classic book that children will return to again and again.

ISBN: 9780746070437 | RRP $14.99 


Digging Up the Past  by Lisa Jane Gillespie

How do ancient things get buried? Who digs them up? And what do they find? You’ll find out the answers and much more about buried treasures in this fascinating book.

ISBN: 9781409514251 | RRP $12.99 


Usborne Illustrated Stories from the Greek Myths  

Featuring the best-known of all the Greek heroes and monsters, with six stories starring Perseus and Medusa, Pegasus, Heracles, Odysseus, the Wooden Horse and the Minotaur. A section after the stories gives more details on the various gods and other Greek myths.

ISBN: 9781409531678 | RRP $29.99 


Ancient World  by Fiona Chandler

A perfect general introduction to how people lived now published in a new edition providing excellent value for money.

ISBN: 9781409531739 | RRP $29.99 


Prehistoric World  by Jane Bingham

A perfect general introduction to how people lived now published in an exciting new edition.

ISBN: 9781409534266 | RRP $24.99 


Norse Myths and Legends  

A superbly illustrated guide to the Norse myths, brought to life with magical illustrations by Rodney Matthews. Includes an 8-page ‘Who’s who’ to all the important Norse gods, heroes and monsters, with vital information on their lives, characters and supernatural attributes. Includes a history of the Norsemen and their myths and religion, along with retellings of the most famous stories. A fascinating and detailed guide and inspiration for role-playing games.

ISBN: 9780746081143 | RRP $22.99 

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