Asia & Australia’s Engagement with Asia – Primary

The Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia priority provides a regional context for learning in all areas of the curriculum. It reflects Australia’s extensive engagement with Asia in social, cultural, political and economic spheres.


Onion Tears by Diana Kidd

Onion Tears tells the story of Nam-Huong, a young Vietnamese girl living in Australia who is attempting to come to terms with her memories of the war in her homeland. Nam-Huong cries lots of onion tears, and it′s only when she learns to laugh, that her tears fall like drops of dew

ISBN: 9780207170287 | RRP $12.95



Jamie Reign: Last Spirit Warrior by P J Tierney

Jamie Reign was born twelve years ago, on the first day of the Chinese Year of the Dragon. When Jamie inadvertently summons some fiery orbs from the air to tackle some local bullies, he doesn’t understand that he has tapped into the Way, the universal energy source, and in doing so he sets off a chain of events with unforeseen consequences. Whisked away by the mysterious Mr Fan to the Chia Wu, a school for students with special abilities, Jamie is taken under the wing of the legendary Kung Fu Master Wu.

ISBN: 9780732295196 | RRP $16.99


Refuge by Jackie French

When a boat carrying a group of asylum seekers is sunk by a freak wave, Faris wakes from the shipwreck in an Australia he’s always dreamed of. On a nearby beach, Faris meets a group of young people who have come from far different times and places. They are also seeking refuge, and each has their own story of why they had to leave their own story of why they had to leave their country to make a new life for themselves. It is only when Faris chooses to return to ‘real life’ and find his father in Australia that he learns the extraordinary truth about the friends he made in the golden beach.

ISBN: 9780732296179 | RRP 15.99


Sarindi and the Lucky Bird by Janine M Fraser

‘This story is about a boy named Sarindi and he lives in Indonesia with his mum, dad and his lucky bird. Sarindi thinks that luck is a mischievous monkey playing tricks on him. When his dad has an accident or loses his job as a becak driver, he tells his family to buy a new lucky bird. Then perhaps their luck might come back.’

ISBN: 9780207199141 | RRP $11.95



One Half From the East by Nadia Hashimi

Obayda’s family is in need of some good fortune, and her aunt has an idea to bring the family luck-dress Obayda, the youngest of four sisters, as a boy, a bacha posh. Life in this in-between place is confusing, but once Obayda meets another bacha posh, everything changes. Their transformation won’t last forever, though-unless the two best friends can figure out a way to make it stick and make their newfound freedoms endure.

ISBN: 9780062421906 | RRP 34.99 



Shadow by Christian Birmingham

This is the story of Aman, as told in his own words – a boy from Afghanistan fleeing the horror of the Afghan war. When a western dog shows up outside the caves where Aman lives with his mother, Aman is initially repulsed – it is not customary for people to keep dogs as pets in his part of the world. But when Aman and his mother finally decide to make a bid for freedom, the dog Aman has called Shadow will not leave their side. Soon it becomes clear: the destinies of boy and dog are linked, and always will be…

ISBN: 9780007339600 | RRP 19.99 

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