If you want to blitz your Year 12 exams, read this book (cover image)

Get the right start to the year with these resources!

The school year has started (Already?! Wasn’t Christmas only a few days ago?) and schedules are quickly filling up. 

For parents, there might be nerves about the first day of school for young ones, or the hectic last year of school for teenagers. For students, this might not be their favourite time of year at all.

Regardless of which situation you’re in as a teacher, 2018 promises to be a jam-packed year. We’ve collated a few resources to bring some fun to the first few weeks of school.

Take a quiz to discover new skills, watch some very keen young readers talk about their favourite books, or read an extract from The Sydney Morning Herald‘s Education Editor’s book of advice for acing Year 12.


The ONLY advice parents of Year 12 students should read
If you want to blitz your Year 12 exams, read this book (cover image)

The Perfectly Bookish Guide for Going Back To School
Bird's eye view of child drawing

We asked a few keen readers – What is your favourite book?

Click to play - "My favourite book" video

For a bit of fun… take this quiz!

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