WIN a collection of Jackie French primary books!


Jackie French has advocated for matching a child with their ‘magic book’ for a long time.

She speaks about the concept of the ‘magic book’ as the one that turns non-readers into readers.

You know you’ve found it when a child holds it close to them and doesn’t want to let it go. When you find the magic book – and it isn’t easy – it will so entrance a child that they’ll follow the story even if they can’t understand all the words. It will be the book that leads them to another book… and another… and another.

We’re giving Australian teachers the opportunity to share a set of magical Jackie French books with their classroom.

This competition has ended.

3 thoughts on “WIN a collection of Jackie French primary books!

  1. Michaela Reimer says:

    Doesn’t really matter if we win a collection, our school thoroughly enjoys reading Jackie’s books and will continue to do so because of her amazing authoring skills:)

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