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Classroom inspiration – National Science Week

If you’re one of many teachers across the country that are excited about National Science Week, you’ll likely be planning the best way to bring the experience into the classroom.

We’ve put together a long list of books suitable to early readers, primary students and older readers which cover a range of topics, from space travel to sunshine; mathematics to dinosaurs!

In addition, the Australian Science Teachers Association has some fantastic resources for classrooms. For more information about National Science Week, which will run between 11-19 August 2018, click HERE.


Early Readers

365 Science Activities
Fold-out solar system How do animals talk? Why does the sun shine?









Collins Maths dictionary

What's science all about?

100 things to know about science

So you think you know about Diplodocus

So you think you know about T-rex

So you think you know about Triceratops

Usborne look inside science

Older Readers


Science history in 100 experiments                                Too big to walk

Chasing space










Life on Earth



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