Ancient Civilisations, Myths and Legends – Fiction

  Pharaoh by Jackie FrenchSet in a time before the pyramids and based on real historical events, Pharaoh will sweep readers along on a fascinating journey through a part of the world we hear so much about today.

ISBN: 9780207200823 RRP $15.95


  They Came On Viking Ships by Jackie French  This page-turning story is set against an historical backdrop and the book is both fascinating and historically informative. The book will also contain detailed black and white line illustrations throughout.

ISBN: 9780207200113 RRP 15.95


Macbeth and Son by Jackie FrenchWhy did Shakespeare lie about who Macbeth really was? When is it okay to lie and when should you tell the truth?

Similarly to Hitler′s Daughter, Macbeth and Son challenges the reader to consider the actions of people, both in the past and present, and from a seemingly simple storyline, Macbeth and Son arrives at the morally complex question of ′What is Truth? And how important is it

ISBN: 9780207200342 RRP $15. 95


  Circles of Stone by Pamela RushbyTwo girls – one the daughter of a great Celtic chieftain, the other the daughter of a hippy chick from northern New South Wales. Both reluctant possessors of a mysterious power that leaves them ostracised by those around them.

Two thousand years and half a world away, their lives have been linked by two identical circles of stone.

ISBN: 9780207199080 RRP $16.95


  Frankenstein by Margrete Lamond, Drahos ZakIn this modern retelling of the Mary Shelley classic, Margrete Lamond brings a fresh voice and contemporary interpretation to the Gothic tale of scientist Victor Frankenstein. Drahos Zak′s stunning illustrations evocatively bring to life this timeless story.

ISBN: 9780207199233 RRP $35.00


  100 Characters from Classical MythologyBy Malcolm Day

Mind-expanding and entertaining, this intriguing book charts 100 of the most important characters from Greco-Roman mythology, from the primordial deities to the great gods of Olympus and the shadowy inhabitants of Hades. Addressing universal themes such as love, jealousy, anger, ambition, deceit, and beauty, their stories are as relevant today as they were in ancient times.

ISBN: 9780733319204 RRP $32.95

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