Ancient Civilisations, Myths and Legends – Non Fiction

  Digging up the past by Lisa Jane Gillespie

  • How do ancient things get buried? Who digs them up? And what do they find? Beginner readers can find answers to these questions and more in this colourful information book.
  • Illustrated with stunning photographs and illustrations accompanied by short, informative text developed with reading experts.
  • Includes carefully selected internet-links to exciting websites.

ISBN: 9781409514251

  Greek Myths & Legends- Usborne IllustratedExciting stories of Greek gods, goddesses and heroes vividly retold for young readers.

  • Includes a “Who’s who” guide to each character, including, Icarus and Daedalus, Zeus and Atlas and their role in Greek mythology.
  • Contains an informative section on the ancient Greek people and their beliefs.
  • Dramatically illustrated by Rodney Matthews

ISBN: 9780746087190

  Norse Myths and Legends- Usborne Illustrated

  • Exciting stories of Norse Gods and Goddesses vividly retold for
  • who’ guide to each character and their role in Norse mythology.
  • Informative section on the Viking people and their beliefs.
  • Dramatically illustrated by Rodney Matthews.

ISBN: 9780746081143

Illustrated stories from the Greek Myths

  • A wonderful collection of six classic Greek myths and legends, specially retold for younger readers.
  • Includes the stories of ‘The Wooden Horse’, ‘The Minotaur’ and ‘The Odyssey’, as well as a guide to the Greek Gods.
  • Beautifully bound in padded hardback, and packed with information, colour and culture, this makes a thrilling read for any child.
  • With a pronunciation guide to Greek names on the Usborne Quicklinks website.

ISBN: 9781409531678


   Stories from India

  • Enchantingly illustrated by Linda Edwards, this beautiful book retells sixteen traditional Indian tales that will engage and amuse young children.
  • Featuring old stories of trickery and cunning, to inspiring stories of the battles and feats of different Hindu gods, this is a classic book that children will return to again and again.
  • A perfect gift for young readers

ISBN: 9780746070437


  Stories from around the world

  • A magical collection of traditional stories, filled with brave heroes and heroines, wonderful magic and strange creatures.
  • Delightful to read aloud to small children, or for young readers to read themselves.

ISBN: 9781409508427

Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece

  • A fascinating and detailed guide to Ancient Greek civilisation from the Minoans to Alexander’s empire.
  • Includes detailed information on the key figures, battles and geography of the Ancient Greek Empire, as well gods and goddesses, the Olympic Games and the day-to-day life of its citizens.
  • Stunning photographs and illustrations accompanied by detailed diagrams and maps create a vivid picture of life in ancient times.
  • Comprehensive fact finder section includes a time chart, who’s who and glossary, making it perfect for reference use.
  • Internet-linked to recommended websites to encourage further learning

ISBN: 9781409531418


Encyclopedia of the Roman World

  • Fascinating guide to the Roman World and its dramatic history, government, army, religion and everyday life.
  • Stunning photographs and detailed reconstructions create a vivid picture of life in Ancient Rome.
  • The comprehensive factfinder includes a time chart, who’s who and details of recent archaeological finds.
  • Internet-links offer a fascinating selection of recommended websites, containing additional information for school projects and homework.

ISBN: 9781409520405


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