Asia-Pacific & Intercultural Understanding – Primary

  Onion Tears by Diana KiddOnion Tears tells the story of Nam-Huong, a young Vietnamese girl living in Australia who is attempting to come to terms with her memories of the war in her homeland. Nam-Huong cries lots of onion tears, and it′s only when she learns to laugh, that her tears fall like drops of dew

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  The Goldseekers by Greg BastianIn the mid-1850s, Australia is in the grips of Gold Fever. Muji and her older brother Dong-il, two Korean children, who have been abducted from their homeland, are working on the goldfields to save for a passage home. Sam and his father, Mister Bill, are also trying their luck on the goldfields in order to create a better life for their family. Both parties are eking out a living and then disaster strikes …

ISBN: 9780207200847 RRP $15.95


The Bicycle by Colin ThompsonIn 2008, Colin Thompson visited Cambodia with Save the Children. Struck by the way the humble bicycle was central to so many people lives, he was inspired to create THE BICYCLE, his second picture book for the charity. THE BICYCLE features separate illustrations from internationally acclaimed artists – including Quentin Blake, Shaun Tan, Tony Ross and Freya Blackwood – which celebrate the liberating joy of two wheels. Sprinkled throughout are delightful quotes from famous people, as well as quotes from Cambodian children such as 14-year-old Dany, who describes his bicycle as his best friend.ISBN: 9780733329876 RRP 27.99
Day of the Elephant by Barbara Ker WilsonAs Mae Jabu approaches the village she appears restless and bellows loudly. Her keeper is concerned by her unusual behaviour, and as Mae Jabu is led to a grassy clearing the children become aware that something very odd is occurring down on the shoreline. Before they even know what is happening, Mae Jabu gently lifts a small group of children on to her back and then heads for higher ground with her keeper running anxiously beside her.

The wave rolls in but the children are saved by the extraordinary efforts of Mae Jabu, whose ‘sixth sense’ anticipated the disaster

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Sarindi and the Lucky Bird by Janine M Fraser‘This story is about a boy named Sarindi and he lives in Indonesia with his mum, dad and his lucky bird. Sarindi thinks that luck is a mischievous monkey playing tricks on him. When his dad has an accident or loses his job as a becak driver, he tells his family to buy a new lucky bird. Then perhaps their luck might come back.’

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Sarindi and the Lucky Budda by Janine M FraserSarindi and the Lucky Bird introduced a little boy and his family, and their life together in Indonesia. Sarindi is certain he will never be unlucky again when he wins the lucky marble from Jaya. But luck is more mischievous than a monkey. When Sarindi’s mother becomes sick, Sarindi thinks that all the bad luck in the world has come to visit. He thinks there must be something he can do to help her get better.

This time, the song of the Lucky Bird won′t work, so he visits all the sacred places he knows. At each, Sarindi prays for the good health of his mother,because who knows which prayer will succeed

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Sarindi’s Dragon Kite by Janine M FraserIt’s Sarindi’s birthday, and what he wants more than anything else is the multi-coloured Dragon Kite he sees in the market. He thinks he’s the luckiest boy when he wakes up and sees the kite, and he can’t wait to go to the beach fly it with his father. But later that day Sarindi wonders if luck has deserted them all. An earthquake has flattened the nearby town of Bantul, where Sarindi’s cousins live. Suddenly, it is no time to be going on a birthday picnic, or flying a dragon kite. Sarindi and his father must go by becak to Bantul to see if they can help. Have Sarindi’s cousins survived the earthquake? And will it ever be time again to fly his beautiful kite?

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Abdullah’s Butterfly by Janine M FraserOne boy’s love for his grandfather and the magical butterfly that eludes him.I was a visitor to Abdullah’s country, and didn′t understand. Until he told me his story, this story, and taught me about things more magic even than jewel-winged butterflies. Things like the love of a boy for his grandfather, who was once the best weaver in all the village. Abdullah′s story was as unexpected and magical as the moment I saw that emerald-winged butterfly

ISBN: 9780207190803 RRP 14.99 Teaching Notes Available

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