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Coonardoo  by Katharine Pritchard ,Coonardoo is the moving story of a young Aboriginal woman trained from childhood to be the housekeeper at Wytaliba station and, as such, destined to look after its owner, Hugh Watt.

Introduced by Drusilla Modjeska, this frank and daring novel set on the edge of the desert still raises difficult questions about the history of contact between black and white, and its representation in Australian writing.

ISBN: 9780207198472 RRP $22.95



Wild Cat Falling by Mudrooroo “Wild Cat Falling” is the story of an Australia Aboriginal youth who grows up on the ragged outskirts of a country town. He falls into petty crime, goes to gaol and comes out to do battle once more with the society that put him there.

ISBN: 9780207197321 RRP 22.95




Darby: One hundred years of life in a changing cultureBy Liam Campbell

After assisting the war effort, he returned to his traditional country northwest of Alice Springs where he became a much loved community and ceremonial leader. He gained recognition as a successful artist and strong advocate for Aboriginal law and culture.

ISBN: 9780733319259 RRP $35.00




The Tears of StrangersStan Grant was born in 1963 into the Wiradjuri people – a tribe of warriors who occupied the vast territory of central and southwestern New South Wales. For 100 years the Wiradjuri waged a war against European invasion and settlement. This war has largely been ignored by historians and politicians but will be burnt into the hearts and minds of the Wiradjuri forever.

ISBN: 9780732271527 RRP $25.99

   Nanberry: Black Brother White  By Jackie French

It’s 1789, and as the new colony in Sydney Cove is established, Surgeon John White defies convention and adopts Nanberry, an Aboriginal boy, to raise as his son. Nanberry is clever and uses his unique gifts as an interpreter to bridge the two worlds he lives in. With his white brother, Andrew, he witnesses the struggles of the colonists to keep their precarious grip on a hostile wilderness. And yet he is haunted by the memories of the Cadigal warriors who will one day come to claim him as one of their own

ISBN: 9780732290221 RRP $16.99 Teaching Notes Available


  The Whalers Illustrated by Bronwyn Bancroft 

‘The killers get real glad whenever they see the dark fellers killin’ a whale.’

This is the story of the orca, the largest of the dolphin family. Known as killer whales, the orcas’ relationship with the Aboriginal whalers of Twofold Bay has become legend.

The Whalers is told in the lyrical voice of Percy Mumbulla and comes directly from an oral storytelling tradition and was collected as part of a group of stories and poems by Roland Robinson. With beautiful illustrations by Bronwyn Bancroft, this book explores the special relationship between orca and whaler.

ISBN: 9780732295318  RRP: $14.99 Teaching Notes Available


  Minah illustrated by Bronwyn BancroftWhenever I used to see one of those old fellers going off with a spear for murrung — fish — I’d watch him. I’d run after him.

I was only a little feller but I had a sense to follow and learn how to do all those things.”

Not everyone has someone to look up to and learn from in their life. But for this little boy, Uncle Abraham is that special person. This is about Minah, Uncle Abraham, shows how the passing down of knowledge can help keep memory alive.

A well-known poem by Percy Mumbulla, Uncle Abraham Whose Blackfeller’s Name Was Minah is a heart-warming family story. Originally told to Roland Robinson, who was a great admirer of Percy’s stories. Powerful and emotional, Bronwyn Bancroft’s insight into Aboriginal family life gives the reader a fresh perspective on this well-known poem.

ISBN: 9780732295325 RRP: $14.99 Teaching Notes Available


  Dirrangun illustrated by Bronwyn BancroftDirrangun is well-known near Grafton and along the north coast of New South Wales. Both the Bunjalung and Githavul people speak of her and of her connection with local landmarks. She is a powerful woman Dirrangun contains two stories — one told by Ethan Williams and one by Lucy Daley. It forms part of the oral storytelling tradition and is faithful to each storyteller’s voice. These narratives originally appeared in The Nearest The White Man Gets, a group of stories and poems collected by Roland Robinson.

Powerful and emotional, Bronwyn’s artistic insight into the past draws the reader into a better understanding of the Bunjalung and Githavul stories

ISBN: 9780732295332  RRP: $14.99 Teaching Notes Available


  Rainbow Serpent by Dick Roughsey

Dreamtime stories tell how the Rainbow Serpent came from beneath the ground and created huge ridges, mountains and gorges as it pushed upward. The name also reflects the snake-like meandering of water across a landscape and the color spectrum sometimes caused by sunlight hitting the water.Paintings of the Rainbow Serpent first appeared in Arnhem Land rock art more than 6000 years ago, and perhaps as early as 8000 years before the present, as the seas rose after the last Ice Age.

Today the Rainbow Serpent is associated with ceremonies about fertility and abundance, as well as the organisation of the community and the keeping of peace.

ISBN: 9780207174339  RRP: $14.99 Teaching Notes Available




A is for Aunty by Elaine RussellMore than just an alphabet book, this title uses the letters A-Z as a framework to tell us about growing up on a mission in northern New South Wales. It is a first alphabet book with an Aboriginal theme and describes daily routines and incidents in and around the mission – including billycart racing and yabby fishing.

ISBN: 9780733308727 | ABC Kids | RRP: $14.99


  Nyuntu Ninti: What you should knowThis beautiful photographic book for young children, Bob Randall explains, in a simple but effective way, the Anangu people’s relationship to all that is around them, and why we must learn to care for the earth, its plants and its creatures.

Based on the award-winning documentary KANYINI, NYUNTU NINTI, meaning ′what you should know, teaches us about the people who are at the heart of our country

ISBN: 9780733328503 RRP $14.99




Walking the Boundaries by Jackie French In the gorge Martin meets Meg from almost a century ago and Wullamudulla from thousands of years in the past. Despite their differences they discover that they′re all on the same journey … and that walking the boundaries means more than following lines on a map

ISBN: 9780207200434 RRP $14.95



Beyond the Boundaries by Jackie French In this sequel to Walking the Boundaries Martin finds the shifting boundaries take him further than he could have imagined deep into the future and further into the past.

ISBN: 9780207187469 RRP $14.95

  Yirra and her Deadly Dog, Demon by Anita Heiss Bursting with energy and madcap fun,Yirra and Her Deadly Dog, Demon gives young readers a contemporary view of urban Indigenous life in Sydney.

ISBN: 9780733320392 RRP $14.95

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