Virtual Author Events 2016

 Virtual Author Events

HarperCollins Publishers in conjunction with Electroboard offers a wide range of  FREE Author and Illustrator programs and resources to help educators interactively connect, successfully share content and collaborate with students and colleagues globally.

Today’s digitally connected world presents challenges and opportunities never seen before. Video Conferencing is making it easier for authors and illustrators to connect with young readers in their classrooms or libraries.

Authors and illustrators can have a completely interactive, informative, and most of all, fun visit with young readers.

Comprehensive Teacher’s Resources and Smartnotes are available to help you use our books in the classroom following the Video Sessions. They include plot summaries, themes for discussion, ideas for research projects, worksheets and much more. The notes cover books from a wide range of styles and subjects, suitable for primary and secondary school students across curriculums

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 Term 1 2016


Bottersnikes and Gumbles

Bottersnikes and Gumbles- The Kings Party

 Date : Thursday 18th February

Time: 9.30am- 10.15am

Target Audience: Years 2-4

Each participating school receives a  complimentary copy of the book!

We will discuss new vocabulary they learned during the reading. Have them reflect on the message of the story. What does it mean to look after our environment.
Students will be encouraged to create their own character and story about caring for our environment

Curriculum Links

Year 2 Science
(ACSHE035) Identifying the ways humans manage and protect resources, such as reducing waste and caring for water supplies

Year 4 Science
(ACSHE062) Science knowledge helps people to understand the effect of their actions

Year 1 English
(ACELT1582) Discuss characters and events in a range of literary texts and share personal responses to these texts, making connections with students’ own experiences

Year 3 English
(ACELY1675) Identify the point of view in a text and suggest alternative points of view

Additional Information

Watch this teaser animation video prior to commencement of session

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Susanne Gervay

Bullying No Way

with Author Susanne Gervay

I am Jack by Susanne Gervay


Date : Thursday 17th March

Time 9.30am-10.15 am

Target Audience Years 4-6

“It’s just NO to bullying. NO excuse. NO reason. NO way!

Good kids get bullied. Good kids bully. Good friends get scared. Good kids pass by.

Good people can do bad things.

Bullying is secret business hidden from parents, family, schools, others.

I AM JACK helps change all that!

My fantastic son JACK, who’s a kid just like you was bullied.

Well, it is quite a story … but it has a good ending.”

Susanne Gervay

Each participating school receives a  complimentary copy of the book!


I Am Jack is REAL!
Jack’s inspired by Susanne Gervay’s son who is annoying, funny, can fix nearly anything… and she loves him and calls him DARLING. He gets really mad about that.
He’d do anything for his family and friends – even though he jokes about it.
Jack didn’t understand how he ended up targeted, isolated, bullied, until it wasn’t funny anymore. He was afraid, powerless, victimised. When the parent of Anna, Jack’s friend rang to tell Susanne that her son was in deep trouble, she could hardly breathe with the pain of it.
It was a hard journey to win against bullying, but Jack did because the secrecy was broken, because his mother stood beside him, his family, his friends, his teacher and school were there. His mates came back and he found himself again and Jack fought for who he was.

Curriculum Links

NSW Outcomes

English – Stage 2
EN2-1A, EN2-4A, EN2-6B, EN2-10C, EN2-11D, EN2-7B, EN2-2A

Australian Curriculum

English – Year 3
English – Year 4

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