WIN a class set - P is for Pearl

Win a class set of P is for Pearl for your school

From celebrated Australian author Eliza Henry-Jones is a poignant and deeply moving young adult novel, originally written when Eliza herself was just sixteen years old. The ways we deal with loss vary greatly, especially since all relationships have their own complexities, and one of the beautiful things about grieving books in YA is how they … Continue reading Win a class set of P is for Pearl for your school

HarperCollins at ALEA 2012

Thousands of teachers from all over Australia attended the 3 day ALEA conference held in Sydney. HarperCollins launched its much awaited blog. Authors Libby Hathorn and Susanne Gervay held sessions. ALEA guest Jackie French held a keynote address on Harnessing the power of books,chooks and wombats. The conference focused on Literacy,Language,Literature and Learning. In conversation … Continue reading HarperCollins at ALEA 2012